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The nVIRO Data Hub is a read-only repository of data populated from nCORE, nFORM, and nSPECT. The datahub is optimized for high performance inquiry and reporting.

Data Hub is populated in near real-time for the majority of data stored in nCORE and nFORM.

Data Hub is the data source for nVISAGE Data Viewer reports (with the exception of custom-written data sources)

Data Hub Entity Classification

Data entities in the Data Hub are categorized as follows:

  • CORE – Core nVIRO entities such as submissions, permits, and evaluations.

  • IDENTIFIER - Provides related Identifiers / Alternate Names for Sites

  • FORM – Submitted forms. Typically FORM data sources would be reported in conjunction with a SECTION data source.

  • PROGRAM – Program component forms. Typically PROGRAM data sources would be reported in conjunction with a SECTION data source.

  • SECTION – FORM or PROGRAM form section data.  These are available after selecting a FORM or PROGRAM data source

  • CUSTOM – Custom (non-Data Hub) data sources. Custom data sources are developed for specific clients/implementations. Data is fetched real-time from transactional data, often resulting in slower performance.

Data Hub Structure

The following diagram provides an high level overview of the CORE Data hub entities and relationships

Future Capabilities

Long term direction for the Data Hub is to provide support for:

  • Data reporting / analytics

    • Advanced data reporting (fast, powerful data access, for ad-hoc and standard reporting)

    • ‘Executive’ dashboards (future)

  • Data re-use

    • Facilitate data sharing between nVIRO products

    • Support 3rd party integration

  • Low Code

    • Enable easier user report and data source definition (less SQL)

    • Consolidated way to configure form prefill, reports, document generation, inspection plan search tools, etc.

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