Form Prefill SQL Configuration

This form is a work in progress, information is actively being added.

Step 1: Form initialization

The three statements below are necessary to start your query. Ensure you have your prefill tag and context ID ready along with the tag for the section of interest.

DECLARE @DATASET_ID AS uniqueidentifier = NEWID();
Insert into nform.DATASET_CONTEXT (DATASET_CONTEXT_ID, DATASET_ID, CONTEXT_TYPE, CONTEXT_KEY) values (NEWID(),@DATASET_ID,'PREFILL'/*<- Prefill tag name in step 1*/,'1857');
Insert into nform.DATASET (DATASET_ID,TAG, NAME, CREATED_DATE) values (@DATASET_ID,'RO_PP'/*<-Name of section holding contact control*/,'CONTACT',GETDATE());

Step 2: Add Controls to Script

Below you will find insert statements for some of nFORM’s most common controls. To utilize these statements below you will need to change the tag value to match the tag of your desired control as well as the desired value of that control.

Short Text Control


Paragraph Control


Select Control


Multi-Select Control


SSN Control


Number Control


Date Control


Time Control


Email Control


URL Control


Phone Control


Name Control


Location Control


Address Control


Attachment Control

Step 3: Reset Dataset ID