Release 2024.2

Release 2024.2

Release Date: July 17,2024

Technical Requirements

Required Software

Web Server

Application Server

Database Server

  • Windows Server 2016 or later (with latest windows updates)

  • SQL Server 2019 or later

Web Browser 

  • AceOffix Plugin (included with nVIRO install package)

  • Modern Web Browser on latest version (Chrome, Edge, FireFox)

Planned Enhancements / Changes


  • User Management / Security

    • Two Factor Authentication. Two factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves.  When configured, a verification code is sent to the user’s email at time of login.  This does not affect environments integrated with other third-party authentication software.

    • New Login Page Layout and Workflow. The login and other authentication-related screens have been updated with new UI/UX to go with the Two Factor Authentication

    • nVIRO Forgot Password ReCaptcha.  Environments will now default to using Recaptcha as the verification method for resetting passwords. Challenge questions can still be used as a verification method if configured.

  • Workflow and Tasks

    • Task Decisions. The ability to set a decision on a task was made available in release 2024.1.  This has been expanded to support setting the decision when marking tasks complete from the My Tasks List or the Workflow and Tasks list.

    • Task Assigned Notifications. When a "Pending" task is activated by setting its predecessor task to Complete or Withdrawn, the trigger task's assignee will now receive a Task Assigned notification.

  • Sites / Regulated Entities

    • Support for Multiple Portfolios and Types. Portfolios have been expanded to allow a site to exist in multiple portfolios.  This expansion also allows a portfolio to be defined as a specific 'type'.  For example, type could be "Owner" (original portfolio intent), or it could represent other groupings of site relationships such as "Stationary Source", "Compliance Case", etc.

    • In support of the above change, portfolio has also been broken out as a separate data source in the data hub.

    • Multiple Site Alerts of the same type.  Manual site alerts of the same type can now be added to a site more than once.

  • Submissions

    • Correction Request Due Dates.  Agency staff may now specify due dates when defining correction requests on nFORM based submissions. The due dates are displayed internally on the submission’s Submission Versions list. nVIRO system actions may be defined to notify internal or external users of coming due or past-due requests.

    • List Submission Versions on the Submission Detail Page. The Submission Details Page now displays a submission version table listing the Submission Version, Receipt Type, Submitted by and Received Date information.

    • Submission Package Related Enhancements

      • New form type – “Package Form”.  A new form type (Package Form) has been added. This was added to prevent Application forms that are part of a package from being started on their own independent of a package.  Forms in a package (other than the primary application form) should be designated as Package Forms to allow them only be started only in the context of a package.

      • Revised UI Layout for Manage Submission Packages. The Manage Submission Package user interface layout has been refined for clarity and improved user experience.

      • Package Submission Display Consistency.  Submissions that belong to Submission Packages are now displayed consistently on the Submissions Inbox, Submissions Search and Site Submissions list screens. The format is <subm pkg num> <form/submission name>

      • Group package submissions.  Packages have been grouped into single dashboard card on the Dashboard, and have been grouped into a single row on the Site Submission List.  The Submission list still provides the ability to search for individual submissions including those that are included in a Submission Package.

      • Withdraw Submission Package. The ability to withdraw a submission package has been implemented.  When withdrawn, submitted forms are set to withdrawn status and draft forms are deleted.

    • My Tasks – Improved Revision Information.  The My Tasks "revision information" label in the Item Name column has been updated to convey clearer information about the status of revisions and correction requests.

    • My Tasks – Display 'Submission Package Number' in 'Item Name' column. Added submission package reference number to tasks related to a submission packages.

    • LexisNexis Identity Proofing hardcopy signature agreement. When LexisNexis Identity Proofing is enabled and the user fails online identity proofing, the user can now download a hardcopy signature agreement that is prefilled with the user's profile information such as name, email and phone number.

  • Schedules

    • Schedule Reporting Periods. Added reporting periods to schedule detail page and the ability to edit the reporting period start/end date on schedules.  List pages have been enhanced to display the reporting periods (if specified on the schedule).

    • Specify an End Date on a Recurring Schedule. Authorized Users may now specify an end date or a max number of occurrences for a recurring permit schedule group. When end date or max occurrences are specified, schedules are not generated beyond the designated date or max occurrences.

  • Permits

    • Improved readability. Permit List screens now show permit category, type, and program area on separate lines within the same column rather than the text being strung together in a single line.

  • Financials

    • Prelist Comments Display. Display of comments was added as a new column in the Invoice Pre-list admin page.

  • Contacts

    • Additional Detail on Contact Lists. Organization name and contact title are now displayed beneath the contact name on the contact list.

  • Document Management

    • Ad-Hoc Email Attach PDF version of documents. Administrators who email document attachments to email addresses on an ad hoc basis can now select a checkbox to indicate if they want the source version of documents to be sent or if they want to send pdf versions.  The default is to send the pdf version.

    • Document and Notification Templates

    • Global Custom Document Fields.  A new lookup Global Agency Data provides the ability to set global values that may be inserted into document and notification templates.  Common uses for this could include the Agency Director name, Governor, etc.

    • nVISAGE Reports as Document/Notification Template Data Sources. Reports may be selected as data sources for document generation.  This is accomplished by saving the document to the functional area folder under the Document Generation folder in nVISAGE

    • Notification Template Images. It is now possible to insert images into notifications that reliably display in the majority of email clients. Specific instructions must be followed in order for images to display properly as documented in the product support wiki.

    • Audit History. Document and Notification templates have been modified to track old/new value changes to the document template metadata.

    • Document Template Datasource Updates.  Several document templates have been added or updated including:

      • Financial Instrument Standard (new)

      • Evaluation Standard (enhanced)

      • Receivables (enhanced)

  • Financial Instruments

    • New System Action based on Financial Instrument Expire Date. A new system action has been developed to enable triggering of notifications or document generation based on the financial instrument expiration date.

  • Toxic Chemical Screenings

    • Additional Search Criteria. Several new fields were added to the Chemical Air Toxic Screening Levels Search page.

    • Chemical Screenings added to the Data Hub.  A new custom reporting data source was developed to report Chemical Criteria Screening data.

    • Admin

    • Parameter Lookup CAS Number. Allow view/edit of CAS # field on Parameter lookup screen

    • New Chemical Criteria Lookups.  Added lookup maintenance for Chemical CAS Number references and for Chemical Screening Footnotes.

  • ICIS-Flow Management

    • ICIS-Air Submission Management.  The ability to view and manage ICIS-Air submissions has been added to nVIRO.  Similar to the existing ICIS-NPDES management page, several features are supported including audit of current and past submission statuses, errors, and warnings, selection of facilities and payloads to be extracted to OpenNode2 Staging tables, and preview of staged data.

  • nVISAGE Integration

    • Receivable Reporting. nVISAGE now supports joining compliance actions to receivables in a report.

  • nFORM Integration

    • Form Preview from the nCORE Form Details Page. nFORM forms can now be previewed from the nCORE Form Details page.

  • SLEIS Integration

    • Synchronize Site Program Component Information with SLEIS. Additional SLEIS site information is synchronized with a Site Program Component based on form tags.  This includes EPA Class, Portable Site and Operating Status.

  • Records Retention

    • Mark Site for Exemption from Purge. When a site is designated to be exempt from purge, a background process deletes any/all previously records and documents from the purge candidate list.


nFORM (Release 4.19) provides the following new features that benefit users working in the integrated nVIRO Ecosystem.  Please see the nFORM v4.19 Release Notes – nVIRO Version for detailed information.

Highlights include:

  • Correction Request Due Date.  Ability to enter a due date when requesting correction to a submission.

  • Unique Constraint on Table and Grid Controls. When designing an advanced table or grid control, you can now specify uniqueness on a field. This prevents the user from entering or selecting the same value for two rows in a table.  This can also be done for calculated controls.

  • Submission Compare Page Redesign.  The submission has been redesigned to make it easier to use and more intuitive.

  • Form validation:  Allow a form to have multiple applicant contacts.  Forms are now allowed to be configured to create multiple contacts with the "Applicant" role. This was previously reported as an error in the Form Validation checker.


nSPECT changes were limited to bug fixes/patches.

nSITE Explorer

nSITE Explorer changes were limited to bug fixes/patches.

Release Notes

nVIRO 2024.2 Release Notes

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4 - nVISAGE Enhancements
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