Workgroups are sets of users who work together and perform common business functions. Many of the detail pages in nVIRO allow the assignment of an item (such as a submission) to a workgroup and a user. Workgroups are defined and managed via the Administration menu. (See Workgroup Administration for details on adding and editing workgroups.)

Workgroup membership, in combination with security group roles, impact the effective permissions that a user has in the system. See Security Groups for information on security role scope and workgroups.

Specifying a workgroup and user on a record

Workgroups and users are assigned in one of two methods:

  • via the submission inbox, or

  • via editing a specific record (e.g., permit, evaluation, compliance action)

These methods are described below:

Assigning a workgroup via the submission inbox

See Using the Inbox to Search for and Assign Submissions for details on this method.

Assigning a workgroup and user to a specific record

Assignment of a workgroup and user to a specific record requires a user to first select a workgroup, then select the user. This is implemented in the same manner throughout nVIRO using the fields shown below:

Once a workgroup has been selected, the user field (e.g., Processor in the above example) is populated with the list of users who are members of the selected workgroup, enabling a specific user to be assigned.

Viewing your workgroup membership

To view the workgroups that you are a member of:

  • Hover over your name in the toolbar.

    • The text changes to Profile & Settings. 

  • Click Profile and Settings.

    • Your user profile is displayed.

  • Click the Groups tab at the top of the screen.

  • The list of workgroups that you are a member of is displayed.