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Fees are classified into a Fee Category. Fee categories, in combination with fee types, provide classification of application fees or drive creation of invoices (Invoice Sets). Fee categories also provide classification of application and submission fees for integration with agency financial systems.

Managing Fee Categories

To manage fee categories, navigate to Admin > Lookups > Fee Categories

Adding or Editing a Fee Category

From the Fee Category List page, either click the Add New Fee Category button or Open an existing fee category. This opens the New Fee Category or Edit Fee Category page. The configuration options fall under the following categories:

  • Basic Fee Category Information

  • Staff Contact and Address

  • Fee Numbering

  • Periodic Invoicing

Basic Fee Category Information

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Fee Category Code

The internal reference code used to uniquely identify the fee category.

Fee Category Description

The text description for the fee category. This value must be unique.

Fee Category Long Description

A long text description for the fee category. This is displayed to the agency user when selecting a fee to add to a submission. The long description helps ensure that the user in selecting the appropriate fee.

Program Area

The program area for which the fee is applicable.

Allow adjustment resulting in a negative balance due

Indicates whether negative adjustments can be made to fee charges of the specified category. 

Enable fee violations tab

Allows fees of this category to have one or more violations added. For example, if non-payment of a fee may result in a violation that can then be referenced on a future compliance action, this box should be checked.

Staff Contact and Mailing Address:



Staff Contact

Internal agency staff available on document templates to merge into generated financial documents.

Billing Address

Mailing address information for check payments. Fields can be included in Receivable document templates.

Periodic Invoicing

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Generate Period Invoices?

Checking this box enables the fee category to generate periodic invoices via the "Invoice Generation" menu. Once set, this is irreversible.

Functional Area

Indicates if the Fee Category is applicable to Compliance Actions or Permits.

Fiscal Year End Date

A Fiscal Year End Date may be optionally selected to specify the date for end of the fiscal year.  Note: Only the month and date are used—the year is ignored.

Invoice Frequency

If a Fiscal Year End Date is input, an Invoice Frequency may be specified. Invoice Sets will be generated for each period. For example, if frequency is set to “Quarterly”, four sets will be created for a given year.

Invoicing Contact Role

Affiliation role/type associated with this fee category (that gets used when invoicing).

Invoice Document Template

The document template used when generating invoices in batch.

Create multiple invoices when permit is tied to many fee types

Checking this box enables multiple invoice documents to be generated specific to each fee type related to the fee category (if applicable).

Fee Calculation Procedure Name

Stored procedure that has the logic to calculate the fee when the prelist (prior to finalization of the invoice) is generated.

Saving Changes

To save changes, click the Save button. A message is displayed, confirming the save. To cancel saving or return to the list after saving, click the Cancel button.

Inactivating or Activating a Permit Category

The Status displays in the right side panel. The Inactive | Active toggle control activates or inactivates the fee category.  Invoices will not be generated for inactive fee categories.

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