Administration and Configuration


Certain aspects of nVIRO administration and configuration may be performed via the system's user interface. These capabilities can be accessed from the Admin option on the main navigation menu. Only users with administrative permission levels are able to view and access this section of nVIRO.

Admin Menu Items

The Admin menu may contain any of the following menu items, depending on the agency and an individual user's permissions:

  • Access Requests - review and approve site access requests from external users

  • Certifier Requests – respond to users who have submitted Certifier Agreement Forms and grant them Submission Certifier status.

  • Document Sets – administer batch "sets" of documents generated by the system (e.g., generated invoice documents).

  • Document Templates – administer Microsoft Word-based document templates used to generate documents.

  • Forms – administer nFORM forms and form-processing details, dates and deadlines, and routing.

  • Form Sets – administer groups of forms that are related to one another and implemented as a set.

  • Invoice Generation and Invoice Sets – administer and generate invoices.

  • Limit Set Templates – administer related permit limits that may be pulled into a permit as a set. 

  • Lookups –  administer numerous types of lookup values in the system.

  • Notification Templates – administer notification templates used to create notifications to internal or external users.

  • Security Groups – administer groupings of security roles to which users may be assigned in order to grant various access permissions within the system.

  • Working with System Actions – administer rules for generation of notifications within the system.

  • System Announcements – create and manage global system announcements for internal or external users.

  • Server Log – monitor execution results for scheduled system processes and view user audit information.

  • User Notifications – search and view notifications that have been sent to users.

  • Users – administer system user details and permissions.

  • Workflow Templates – administer sets of related tasks for processing submissions, evaluations, and compliance actions.

  • Workgroup Administration - administer groups of users who work together and may share work responsibilities.

Administration outside of the Admin Menu

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