Events are available via the Events tab on several functional area detail pages, including submissions, permits, evaluations, compliance actions, and sites.

Events are used to track things that have occurred in relation to the functional area record. At the most basic level, an event consists of an event type, start/end date, and comments. Event types can be created and managed by a system administrator.

An event can be linked to one or more documents. In order to link a document to an event, the document must exist on the same functional area record as the event.

System vs. User Events

Events have a source of either User or System. By default, the Events list is filtered to only show User events. The filter can be changed using the Source drop down column filter.

User events are events that are manually added by a user via the "Add Event" button.

System events are created by the system through various actions. There are two types of System event;

  1. Document Generated events, which are created when a document is finalized and the user has selected the "Create Event when finalized" checkbox, and

  2. Notification events, which display notifications that have been sent to external users from nVIRO.

Event Categories

User-created events are classified into the following categories:

  • Basic Event - A simple event type consisting of a type, start/end date, and comment. Basic events are used to capture items such as phone calls and meetings.

  • Public Notice Event - Creates a Public Notice Event record. Only available for submissions.

  • Site Inspection Event - An event used to create a planned inspection (evaluation) that relates to the submission, permit, site, project activity, or evaluation. 


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