What is nSITE?

nSITE provides an integrated, cross-program view of information for sites that are of environmental concern to an agency. Site data from each connected source system is presented as a single record, combining information from multiple program areas to create a holistic view of site activities that have an environmental impact.

nSITE is updated with activity from each connected program system. This allows program staff to continue maintaining their data in their source systems, while at the same time keeping nSITE users informed about new activity identified at the site.

Key nSITE Features

  • Web-based GIS mapping capabilities (no need for desktop GIS applications)
  • Site location address cleansing
  • Derivation of site location coordinates
  • Identification of site duplication in existing systems
  • Site name standardization
  • Presentation of CME data in a standardized format
  • Can be used to aggregate common data across a variety of systems (e.g., inspections)

Harvest Data

Data collection. nSITE collects data from all programs/systems, regardless of technology. nSITE architecture supports the frequent, automated extraction and aggregation of data from one or more information systems in the agency, as well as other Partner's data via the Exchange Network. It may also be configured to link directly with the nVIRO nCORE component, providing dynamic data access to current nVIRO data.

Data management. Staff continue to maintain their data within their system(s). nSITE does not manage or impose upon program data; that responsibility stays with the source system. Data is only shared with nSITE users (internal staff or the general public), providing a central location for accessing all the information for a given site.

For non-nVIRO integration (not dynamic), nSITE incorporates monitoring capabilities that detect issues and notify staff if data updates being harvested from a program system are disrupted or stagnant.

Harmonize Data

Site address and location cleansing. nSITE automatically adjusts and corrects inconsistent or inaccurate data. nSITE is powerful enough to correct site addresses or improperly formatted site details.

Data standardization. nSITE standardizes information so data types are consistent across all sites, even if the source systems are different.

Facility/site reconciliation. nSITE employs a sophisticated reconciliation engine that makes identifying and resolving cross-program duplicate facilities/sites realistic. It employs methods to ensure that the data remains up to date, and duplicate facilities are kept to a minimum.


Single view for each site. nSITE presents a single view of a site and displays all of the site's environmental interest data from each program interested in the site as a single record. If available, compliance and enforcement data is also displayed.

One-stop portal. nSITE can be configured to link directly to any existing program's web-based data access systems. This enables a user to use nSITE to explore and find data, and then seamlessly jump to the detailed, regulatory-specific data managed within the program systems.

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