The Notifications page provides access to user notifications generated by the system.  Notifications are configured using Notification Templates and are generated by rules that are configured as System Actions and Notification Templates.  These system actions may trigger notifications based on criteria such as a permit coming within a certain number of days from expiration, or based on a system event such as a new submission or an application status change. 

Accessing Notifications

Notifications may be accessed using one of two methods, through the "Charm Bar" or the menu.

Access through the "Charm Bar"

  • Click the Notification 'charm' at the top of the page displays an abbreviated list of notifications.

  • Clicking an individual notification will open the Notifications page and open the selected notification for viewing.

  • Clicking View All opens the Notifications page to display all notifications.

Access through the Menu

  • Click Home → Notifications

  • The list of notifications is displayed.

Managing Notifications

Notifications Page

The Notifications page displays all notifications in a list format.   Each notification is listed in either the Unread, Read, or Trash tab.  All notifications are listed in the All tab.

The list contains checkboxes next to each notification.  Users may select/deselect individual notifications by clicking in the checkbox, or may select/deselect all in the list by clicking in the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column.

When one or more notifications are checked from the Unread or Read tab, the Delete Selected button is enabled.  Clicking this button will move the selected notifications to the Trash tab.

When one or more notifications are checked from the Trash tab, the Remove Selected from Trash button is enabled.  Clicking this button will move the selected notification from the Trash back to the Read tab..

Viewing a Notification

The user may click on a notification listed in the Charm Bar, or click on the notification listed in one of the Notifications Page tabs to view the notification.

The Notification detail page will display.

The first time a notification user views the notification in nVIRO the “Acknowledged Date” is set to the current date. The Acknowledged Date is visible from the User Notification List page (available from the Administration menu.)

The detail page contains the body of the notification. 

Depending on the notification configuration, it may also include a link to a document attachment.

To delete the notification from the Notification Detail:

  • click the Delete button.

To close the Notification Detail panel:

  • click the Close button.