What is nFORM?

nFORM is a complete package for the online processing of permits, license & certification applications and other various requests and complaints. The nFORM tool is a very powerful and dynamic forms engine that’s used to support the receipt and processing of customized online forms. It’s one of many tools available within the nVIRO suite of tools.

Using an intuitive interface, users can easily submit forms and have full transparency into the processing of their submission.

nFORM utilizes a low-code approach to form design. This allows agencies to build and modify their own forms to accept submitted data or use one of many existing forms as a baseline. Forms can be simple or may support complex logic, electronic signatures, payments, and more.

Staff can also collaborate with applicants to ensure all appropriate information is submitted, saving both parties valuable time and energy. Members of the community can interact with the agency in a variety of ways such as applying for permits, licenses, or grants.

The system can support internal functions as well as external functions. This gives internal staff the ability to utilize the system for inspections and to record forms received on paper that can follow a similar workflow process as a submission received online.

Agency users can dynamically design their online forms by specifying and customizing the form attributes, layout, questions asked, certification process and workflow for which the submitted form will be processed.

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What are the Core Functions of nFORM?

  • Design - nFORM's form designer allows authorized users to design forms without developer support. This intuitive form designer allows users to select fields, place them on the form and add validation. Staff can also respond to agency needs efficiently without contractor support.
  • Find - Users can utilize nFORM’s intelligent form finder to quickly determine which form or forms they require with ease.
  • Submit - A modern data capture tool leads a user through the submission process for a given form. nFORM uses advanced data population methods to support rapid data entry, thus providing a pain free submission experience. Upon the completion of a submission, notifications are sent to appropriate individuals including the submitter. The submitter is then notified of progress in processing their submission.
  • Pay - Payments are calculated for a submission based on rules established during form design. When a payment is due, the user may pay electronically via a configured merchant account, or, when allowed, can print their remittance slip and forward a payment via mail.
  • Process - Received submissions are easily prioritized, filtered, and selected for processing. During processing staff can communicate and collaborate with an applicant via notes, correction requests and emails. This increases the efficiency for both parties, resulting in speedier processing of requests and the removal of permitting bottle necks.
  • Integrate - Forms can be integrated into a clients existing web architecture so existing navigation aspects can go uninterrupted. nFORM can also integrate with most software products, from payment processors to document management software.

What are the Key Capabilities of nFORM?

  • CROMERR Compliant supporting eSignatures and secure Copy of Records
  • VPAT Certified for compliance with the ADA (W3C 508 compliant)
  • Progressive easy-to-use UX design
  • Support for guest access (so complaints or requests can be submitted anonymously)
  • Design your own forms or start from a base of existing forms
  • Generate permits / certificates from templates
  • Mobile ready – use your desktop, tablet, or phone to submit forms
  • Advanced validation and conditional logic support
  • Full transparency and collaboration via online & electronic communication
  • Process payments online