nVISAGE Data Viewer


The nVISAGE Data Viewer is the main nVISAGE data-querying component. It is used to define new Data Viewer reports and to run saved Data Viewer reports.

Within the Data Viewer users may: 

User Interface Layout

The following shows the overall layout of the Data Viewer page. Information on managing the layout and other functions is provided in the corresponding Data Viewer Sub-Topic pages.

Accessing the nVISAGE Data Viewer 

Run a Data Viewer report

Reports may be selected from one of the following folder in the Select a Report section:

  • My Favorites

  • My Reports (for personal reports)

  • Shared Reports

To run an existing report:

  1. Open one of the folders in the Select a Report section and use the 

     button to expand folders as needed.

  2. When the desired report has been found, click on the report to highlight it.

  3. Click the Open button at the bottom of the screen. The report opens.

Create a new Data Viewer report

To access the nVISAGE Data Viewer to create a new report:

  1. Click the New Report button.

  2. Click Data Viewer.

Delete a Report from the “My Reports” Folder

To delete a report:

  1. Select the report within the “My Reports” folder.

  2. Click Delete.

Delete a Report from the “Shared Reports” folder

Note: This option is only available to users that belong to the ManageSharedReports role.

To delete a shared report:

  1. Open the report.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Choose ‘My Reports’ location to save the form and click OK

  4. Click Done to return to view the report folder directory

  5. Choose the newly saved report in the 'My Reports' location and click Delete.

Reporting Confidential SSN Data from nFORM

The user must have the nForm role of Confidential Viewer.

There is no way to limit which SSN data fields they can see, its all or nothing.

If a report is viewed by a user that does not have access, the data fields (columns) will show the word CONFIDENTIAL instead.