nVIRO DataHub APIs


nVIRO nVISAGE Data Viewer can be used to create and publish REST Web Services or APIs that can be used by third-party and custom applications to retrieve data from the nVIRO DataHub.

Creating API Services

API services are created using the nVISAGE Data Viewer in the same way that a conventional report would be developed.  To make a report available as an API service, the user simply saves the desired report to the API folder when complete.  Reports saved to the API folder will be exposed as API services automatically.

Consuming API Services

The nVISAGE API services can be viewed by querying the WSL metadata page and filtering where type=api in the URL querystring. For example: https://[service_url]:[service_port]/metadata?type=api

The API can be invoked using the WSL service URL however it may be preferrable to access the API from the application endpoint using the following path: https:[base_url]/nvisage/ss/api/custom/[api_name]

The REST client that will be calling the API will need to perform service requests using an account with appropriate permissions. See the nVISAGE Permissions page for more details.

Information on using the generated REST Web Service APIs can be found in the nVIRO API Developer Guide.