Release 2022.2

Released September 8, 2022

Technical Requirements

Changes for this release:

  • None

Required Software

Web Server

Application Server

Database Server

  • Windows Server 2016 or later (with latest windows updates)

  • SQL Server 2019 or later

Web Browser 

  • Aceoffix Plugin (included with nVIRO install package)

  • Modern Web Browser on latest version (Chrome, Edge, FireFox)

Deployment Notes

An important consideration for Release 2022.2 is related to the restructuring of a key database table in nFORM (see nFORM below). Depending on the volume of forms in the target environment, restructuring can add five to six hours to the deployment process.

Release Overview - Highlighted Changes

My Account

  • Hide Unissued Permits.  External users no longer see “Not Issued” permits in My Account.

User Interface

  • New Global Search.  A new global search field provides the ability to search from any page without leaving the current page.  This search capabilities mirror the Basic Site Search.  The top 10 results are returned.

  • Refined History Widget.  The history button has been refined to record only unique records in the list, removing redundancy if the same record was visited multiple times.  The most recent entry shows at the top of the list. 


  • Show / Hide Next Application Due Date.  On Permit Categories a dropdown selection provides the ability to configure Next Application Due Date (Hidden, Optional, or Required).

  • New Billing Details validation Rule. A new validation rule "Annual billing details cannot be blank" available for selection on Permit Category lookup screen


  • EPA Commitment field configuration.  The Evaluation "EPA Commitment" field is now configurable based on a new "Show ‘EPA Commitment’ Checkbox” setting on the Evaluation Type lookup screen


  • Expand / Collapse arrows on Start New Form.  Added expand/collapse arrows to Start New Form - All Forms screen.  This makes it easier to locate Permit Change Forms on the screen.

  • Use Short Form Name on Sites/Submission List. The Site/Submissions list now leverages the presence of the Short Form Name for Internal users (i.e., if the Short Form Name exists, it is used in the list.)


  • “Requires Resubmission” selectable for Non-Approvable Schedules.  Provided the ability for Requires Resubmission option to be selected on non-approvable schedules.   This will leave the submission In Process.  The Resubmittal Due Date will be available when Requires Resubmission is specified.

Compliance Actions

  • Invoice Generation driven from Compliance Actions.  Several agencies are using compliance actions for tracking of agreements/contracts and have a need to generate invoices based on those contracts (e.g., for cost recovery.) To support this, the capability to generate invoices based on Compliance Action fees/costs has been added to nVIRO.  Invoice fees can be differentiated by Functional Area (Permit or Compliance Action) and Invoice Prelist and generation now support compliance actions.  Related stories support recording of billable expenses including direct and hourly costs are added to Compliance Actions. 

  • Compliance Action Default Workflows.  To help reduce data entry errors and provide greater consistency across Programs, added the ability for Compliance Actions to have default workflows.   The default workflow is specified on the Compliance Action Type lookup.

  • Open Workflow/Task validation.  A new validation rule is available to prevent Compliance Actions from being closed if Workflows or Workflow tasks are open.


  • New Violation security role.  A new security role, “Violation – Status Manager”, provides authorization to updated status of any active violation


  • "Notify parties upon saving" checkbox.  This has now been implemented for Site Inspection events as well as Basic Events.


  • Expanded Invoice Frequencies.  nVIRO invoicing has been expanded to support more frequent invoicing beyond annual invoice periods.  Billing period Fee Category cutoff is renamed to Fiscal Year End Date.  Invoice frequencies are expanded to include Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual invoicing and are calculated based on the Fiscal Year End Date.  On Invoice Sets, the Year field is replaced by an Invoice Period Start Date.

  • Record zero payment amounts.  To support adjustments in situations where nVIRO is not integrated with an external Accounts Receivable system, nVIRO may be configured to change payments to zero to support scenarios such as NSF payments.

  • Refined Fee Payment Voucher.  The generated payment voucher was refined to download a pdf that is powered by a document template.  Also added the ability to configure the payment address on the related fee category.


  • Program Area, Project Manager on Site Project List.  The Environmental Projects site page has been updated to include Lead Program Area and Lead Compliance Manager.

  • Link Site Inspection to Environmental Project Activity.  Added in the ability Link Existing Site Inspections to the Project Activity via the Events tab.

  • Document Management

  • Security Classification Display.  Document security classification is now visible when document details are collapses.

System Actions / Notifications

  • New Batch Trigger support on Permit Effective Date.  A new Batch Nightly Trigger Date type allows the system action to trigger based on a Permit's Effective Date.

  • System Event to Generate Document for Apps/Requests.  System events now support the ability to trigger a document to be generated as an action step.  Note that this is currently limited to the Application Requests functional area.

  • Staff Notification on Account Invitation Acceptance. A new system action hast been introduced that will send out a notification to the person who created an invitation when the invite has been accepted.

  • More Information on Notification Template List screen. The Notification Template list Screen now displays columns for data source and retention periods.


  • Hide Site Users by Status.  The Authorized users page can now be filtered for All users, Active users, or Inactive users.

  • Expanded access request visibility.  Administrators can now search for and view all Access Requests regardless of status (Denied, Approved, Pending), set Denied claims back to Pending or Approved, and view the history of who changed what/when, and record agency comments on each request.

  • CROMERR Approval Status System Announcement.  On the external user Welcome page, an alert is displayed if the user is not CROMERR-approved. The alert provides a link to the Signing Authority tab on the user's Profile.

  • Contextual External System Link Capability.  A configurable link from functional area records (on the sidebar) provides the ability to access an external system from the current nVIRO record.  The linkages may be defined (requires back-end db configuration) to pass contextual metadata to the external system in the URL, (provided the external system supports UL parameters), enabling routing to relevant record(s).


o   Site Contact List was deprecated. The consolidated Site Contact List was causing confusion and the functionality it provided was not particularly useful.  This list has been deprecated / removed from the application. 


o   Decision field display. The decision field may now be displayed as a column on the DMR List Screen. This is configurable via the application deploy settings.

o   Automatic update of late DMR violation upon submission.  When an overdue DMR is submitted the status of the late violation/non-compliance item may be automatically updated to a specified status (e.g., "Active-Addressed not Resolved”). This is configurable via the application deploy settings.


nFORM (Release 4.14) provides several new nFORM features as well as significant database space reduction from restructuring of the “Section Control" table which stores the main content for submitted forms. 

Highlighted changes include:

Section Control table restructuring.  The “Section Control" table, which stores the main content for submitted forms, was heavily restructured.  Previously this table redundantly stored form control definition data along with the submitted form data.  This was unnecessary.  The table represented the largest table in the database and the restructuring reduces the table size to 15 – 20% of the original.

New Validation - Number is within a range.  The number control has been enhanced to support validation for a numerical range.  This includes validation that a value is either within the range of two numbers or is NOT within the range of two numbers.

Support configuration of different map layer providers.  Previously, nFORM support the display of the Google Maps street layer as the base layer on map controls.  nFORM now supports configuration of different layers (e.g., ESRI)

Present map on review screen.  When a location control is used, the map control will now be displayed on the review screen.

Sort Repeating Sections.  The system now supports the ability to dynamically sort Sections based on various properties in the section. Form Designers can specify the section attributes to sort on (e.g., Repeater Title, Field 1, Field 2).

Please see the nFORM v4.14 Release Notes – nVIRO Version for additional information.

No significant enhancements have been made to nSPECT in the 2022.2 release.  Changes were limited to bug fixes/patches.


Release Notes

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