Release 2021.3

Released December 2021

Technical Requirements

(No changes from Release 2021.01)

Required Software

Web Server

  • Windows Server 2016 or later (with latest windows updates)

  • .NET 5.x (with latest security updates)

  • .NET Framework 4.8

  • .NET Core 3.1

Application Server

  • Windows Server 2016 or later (with latest windows updates)

  • .NET 5.x

  • .NET Framework 4.8

  • .NET Core 3.1

  • Aceoffix Server

Database Server

  • Windows Server 2016 or later (with latest windows updates)

  • SQL Server 2019

Web Browser 

  • Aceoffix Plugin

  • Modern Web Browsers (Chrome, Edge, FireFox)

Release Overview - Highlighted Changes

Highlighted changes to nCORE include:

  • User Interface Improvements

    • Forms and Submissions Usability Improvements. On the My Accountpages as well as internal Site Pages, theApps, Requests and Reports area has been significantly revised, replacing it with separate menu entries for "Start a New Form", "Submissions" and "Discharge Monitoring Reports". The revamped navigation and layout is more intuitive and simpler and includes a new "Start a New Form" wizard that helps to guide the user to the appropriate form.

    • External User Routing on Login. When logging in, external users will be routed to either the Welcome page or the Dashboard, depending on whether they are associated with one or more sites

  • Site and Site Plan

    • Site Search Links to Open Permits. The Permit numbers displayed in the Basic Site Search result list now show as a hyperlink to open permit details. A tooltip has been added to the hyperlink to display the permit category, type (if applicable) and status.

    • Transfer Feature between Sites and Permits. Features may now be transferred between sites and permits. The practical application of this is to support scenarios where a feature is sold to another responsible party. There are certain restrictions to the ability to transfer features that will cause the "Change Site" option to not be available (see Story Acceptance Criteria).

  • Permits

    • Create a new, draft permit without submitting a form. Internal users may now initiate a permit change without filling out and submitting a form. This option is enabled based on a new Security Role "Permits - Add Draft Permit without Form Submission.

    • Initiate a permit change without submitting a form. Internal users may now initiate a permit change without filling out and submitting a form. This option is enabled on a permit category basis.

    • Set new permit's Issue Date to application received date. New permits can default the permit issue date to be the same as the application receipt date.

    • Automatically setting of expiration and next application due dates. A new configuration feature has been added that allows the automatic setting of permit expiration date along with next application due date. This is specified in the configuration of the Permit Category.

    • New Workflow “Transfer” Link Type. A new "Transfer" workflow link option has been added to support transferring of a component form from an existing permit to a new permit. The transfer behavior is like a modification, however, it supports creation of a new permit number in the process.

    • Master General Permit Coverages. COCs related to a master general permit may now be extended or expire solely based on existence of a new COC version, independent of a new Master General Permit version.

    • Default Compliance Workgroup for new permits. New permits may be automatically assigned a compliance workgroup.  The default is defined in the Permit Category configuration.

    • Limits List Remembers Summary or Detail mode. The Permit Limits list will now remember the last mode the user selected on the limits list (Summary or Detail).  When the user navigates back to the limits list the page is displayed using the last used mode.

    • Open button on the Permit Limits List Detail view. An Open button has been added to the Permit Limits list Detail view

  • Evaluations

    • No Active Permit Warning. A new warning has been added to inform the user if there is no active permit associated with an evaluation when it is being added to nSPECT.

  • Compliance Actions

    • Hide Violation Status From External Users. The violation status column can now be configured to be hidden from external users.

    • New Compliance Action Warning. When issuing a compliance action, the user will be warned if penalty change will be created as a result.

  • Projects

    • Redesigned Project List Page. The site project list page has been redesigned enabling it to display more information about the master project together with project activity details. It has a new "accordion" layout in which project activities are grouped under their respective master projects, and the user can see details for both the master project and its activities in one place.

    • Associate a Compliance Action with a Master Project. A new “Compliance Actions” tab has been added to master projects.  From this page, users may associate a compliance action with the master project.

    • Associate an Application with a Master Project. A new “Applications” tab has been added to master projects.  From this page, users may associate an application with the master project. 

    • Funding Code for Payable Items. A new optional funding code attribute has been added to payable items.  The list of values is configurable per client (database only configuration.)

  • Financials

    • Payment Approval Process – Linking related payables. When viewing a submitted schedule related to a parent project, if there are purchase orders on the project, the user has an option to relate a payable to the schedule.

  • Document Management

    • Email (.msg) file header information. The printable pdf formats for .msg format email files now includes the email header information.

  • DMRs

    • DMR custom validation violation warning. The message that is displayed on the DMR validate and review screen when violations will be generated is now configurable.

  • Exchange Network

    • New ICIS Identifiers. The ICIS Enforcement Action Identifier, and ICIS Compliance Monitoring Identifier have been added to the Compliance Action Details page sidebar.  These are visible based on applicability of the ICIS business rules.

  • Schedules

    • Schedule Routing to either Permit Agency Contact or Compliance Manager. Developed the ability to route submitted schedules to the Agency Contact rather than the Permit Compliance Manager.  This is configurable on the Schedule Type lookup page.

    • Trigger Date Interval expanded to Business Days. The available trigger date interval units for schedules has been expanded to support calculation of the schedule date based on Business Days.

  • Administration

    • Form Details: New Dependencies tab. A new dependencies tab has been added that lists document templates that reference the form.  This provides a tool to identify any document templates that could potentially break if the form controls are changed.

  • Workflow

    • Default Permit Type for Workflow to create. A workflow template that creates a new permit now supports the ability to indicate the Permit Type of the newly created permit, if applicable.

  • System Actions / Notifications

    • Indefinite Retention Period Notification Template retention period can now be left blank to retain sent notifications indefinitely.

  • nFORM / nCORE Integration

    • Form Data Inheritance. Data inheritance is now supported from a Site-Component form to a Permit Change or Schedule forms.

nFORM (Release 4.12.1) is a minor release which focuses primarily on nFORM control enhancements and designer improvements.

Highlighted changes include:

This release was composed primarily of the work needed to implement new features in nFORM such as:

  • Move and copy controls. Form designers now have the ability to move controls from one section to another, or to copy a control as a new control.

  • Control enhancements. Several enhancements were made to individual controls:

    • The ability for a user to specify a calculated control to allow overrides during form entry. The control value is calculated, but the user may change the calculated value at time of form entry. 

    • Allow for utilization of “minutes” when calculating the difference between two dates/times.

    • Validation of a numeric range in the Numeric control.

  • Preserve location after edit of a control. The section controls screen will no longer ‘reload’ when the user saves/cancels from a control dialog, preserving the location / positioning on the controls screen.

  • Phone numbers availability. The ability to present a phone number for the current user for use within document templates.

  • Mail-In Identity Verification page copy. Allow for customization of copy on the Mail-In Identity Verification page.

  • Alt ID available for display on submissions page. The ability to present Alt ID on the My Submissions page when submission is in draft status.

Please see the nFORM v4.12.1 Release Notes – nVIRO Version for more information.

No significant changes were made to nSPECT in this release

No significant changes were made to nSITE Explorer in this release

Release Notes

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nVIRO Release Notes 2021.03

nVIRO Release 2021.03 Ticket List (spreadsheet)

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nFORM v4.12.1 Release Notes - nVIRO Version 

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