Spatial Layers

nVIRO supports integration of GIS layers that can be displayed in the Site Plan and/or in nSITE Explorer.

Spatial layers are configured in the Spatial Layer lookups.  A spatial layer may be made visible to internal users or both internal and external users.

nVISAGE dynamic spatial layers are not displayed in this list. See sidebar for more information.

Searching Spatial Layers

To manage spatial layers, navigate to Admin > Lookups > Spatial Layers. The Spatial Layers List screen will display all available spatial layers.

From the Spatial Layer List,

  • Existing Spatial Layers may be edited by clicking the Open button.  This opens the Spatial Layer Detail screen.

  • New layers may be added by selecting the Add New Spatial Layer button

  • Existing Layers may be deleted by selecting the delete button 

Spatial Layer Detail Fields

On the Spatial Layer Detail screen, the following fields may be maintained



Layer Type

Choose between the following options:

  • arcgis: ESRI ArcGIS layer. Used for both feature and base layers.

  • arcgisfeature: ESRI ArcGIS layer. Used for feature layers.

  • Bing: Microsoft Bing layer (currently only used to support base layers).

  • WMS: Web Map Service layer. Used for layers provided by GeoServer.

  • xyz: See OpenLayers documentation

  • SQLSpatial: Requires adding a spatial layer to the nVIRO database

Layer Name

The name for the feature layer. Must be unique.

Group Name

The group name in which to place the layer. Layers are organized within groups on the map interface.

Display Order

The ordering of the layer within the layer group. And order that the layers are displayed on the map, for example a layer with the Display Order of 10 will show above a layer with a display order of 5. Allowable values are determined by the Is Base Layer property:

  • Is Base Layer = True: Must be 0.

  • Is Base Layer = False: Must be greater than 0.

Base Layer

Specifies whether the layer is intended to be a base layer (checked) or a feature layer (unchecked).

Base Type

For base layers, the type of base layer. Not applicable for other types of layers.

For example, these values are commonly associated with the ArcGIS base layers:

  • Street

  • Satellite

  • Hybrid

Layer is Visible By Default

For base layers, whether this particular layer is the default one to be shown when loading the map for the first time.

Layer is Available in Site Plan

Indicates that they layer should be available in the nCORE Site Plan

Layer is Available to Authorized External Users

I checked, authenticated external users can turn on this layer in the Site Plan.

If separate versions of nSITE Explorer are installed for external and internal users, this setting also determines whether or not the layer will be available on public-facing nSITE Explorer. This only applies of “Layer is Available in nSITE Explorer” is also checked.

Preset Layer(s)

Creates a selectable group of layers that can be turned on or off all at once in the Site Plan

Layer is Searchable on Site Plan

Allows for searching on layer attributes in the search box used for address, city or other search.

Intersect Warning

The warning message displayed to user and added to the Intersect Report if a selected feature intersects with this layer

Layer is Available in nSITE Explorer

Determines whether or not the layer will be available in nSITE Explorer.

Layer URL

The URL associated with the ArcGIS, Bing, or WMS layer. Entering a value for this will auto-populate the Layer Legend URL with the correctly-formatted ArcGIS value.

ArcGIS Mapservice Layer ID

The layer value associated with the ArcGIS layer. This is only applicable if the Layer Type = “ArcGIS.” Entering a value for this will auto-populate the Layer Metadata URL with the correctly-formatted ArcGIS value.

nSITE Explorer also supports geoserver hosted wms layers, this layer URL Show Val is still used in these cases

Include Intersect Fields

If checked, the Intersect Fields are appended to the intersect query and dictate what information will be returned from the service.

Intersect Field(s)

List of comma-separate fields supported by the GIS service to be displayed on the nCORE site plan when the “Inspection Intersections” tool is used to display layer properties.

For ArcGIS MapServer Layers, the available fields will ne displayed in ArcGIS under the “Fields” section of the layer details.

Enter an asterisk (*) to include all fields.

Inclusion of invalid fields will cause intersections to not be returned.

Layer Intersect Metadata URL

The URL associated with displaying metadata for the layer.

This information is dynamically generated by a stored procedure on save, and cannot be updated manually.

Layer Opacity

A decimal value between 0 and 1 indicating the level of opacity when displaying the layer. Default = 1 (solid).