Fee Types


Fee Types are used to generate periodic fees for permits:

  • Fee types get linked to permits by internal processors when crafting new or revised permits.

  • Fee types determine the fee sent out to permittees when periodic fees are generated, configured via Annual Invoice Fees (used to change annual fees from period to period), or based on a custom fee calculation stored procedure.

As fee types are the link between individual permit records and the invoice generation scheme, they ultimately determine which fee amount gets generated for a given permit. Fee types can be configured to be automatically added to a given permit based on Permit Category configuration or Permit Type configuration. Additionally, if a permit is revised, any fee types associated to the prior permit version are automatically added to the newly created permit version.

Managing Fee Types

To manage fee types, navigate to Admin > Lookups > Fee Type

Adding or Editing a Fee Type

From the Fee Type List page, either click the Add New Fee Type button or Open an existing fee type. This opens the Edit Fee Type page:


The following fields are displayed on the screen:



Fee Type Code

The internal reference code used to uniquely identify the fee type.

Fee Type Description

The text description for the fee type. 

Fee Category Description

The fee category to which the specified fee belongs.

Billing Contact Role

Affiliation role/type associated with this fee type (that gets used when invoicing).

MiCaRS Invoice Suffix

Identifies the suffix based on the fee type. (This field is specific to the Michigan MiWaters system and does not apply to other implementations.)

Fee Calculation Procedure Name

Stored procedure that has the logic to calculate the fee when the prelist (prior to finalization of the invoice) is generated.

Saving Changes

To save changes click the Save button. A message will display confirming the save. To cancel saving or return to the list after saving, click the Cancel button.